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These tools provide a great checklist!  Make sure you check back often before your trip so you don’t forget anything!

Carry-on bags and Packing

  • TSA 3-1-1 for carry-ons = 3.4 ounce (100ml) bottle or less (by volume) ; 1 quart-sized clear plastic zip-top bag; 1 bag per passenger placed in screening bin. We always recommend that you carry your “I must have’s” as carry-on toiletries just in case checked baggage gets delayed or lost. Remember, most basic items such as toothpaste/brush, deodorant, etc are usually available at no cost at many hotels.

Pack in your Carry-On:

  • Any medications you can’t live without
  • Something to read (magazines or a book)
  • Pen, paper
  • Small hand sanitizer (Make sure it’s travel size – 3 ounces or less)
  • Ear plugs/your own earphones as some airlines charge for these & yours are probably more comfortable
  • Small snacks or candy as many airlines charge or don’t offer what you want or need
  • A light sweatshirt or jacket as the plane can be cool
  • Wear comfortable travel clothes on the plane

Try to find a carry-on bag with wheels; it’s so much easier to transport through the airport especially while waiting in long security lines. One with different compartments offers ease of access to items so you don’t have to dig around while in your seat or standing in the aisle.

Always carry your camera & any valuables in your carry-on luggage.

Put unique identification tags on all luggage.

  • Many look alike, so this helps avoid someone else taking your bag by mistake
  • You can buy these at most Target, Wal-Mart or luggage stores or make one yourself using colorful ribbon(s), etc.

TSA Regulations / How to pack your carry-on for Thompson Travel Tours:
Luggage Restrictions:

  • $25/one-way for first bag checked! (per passenger!)
  • Max. of 50 lbs.
  • Try to bring carry-on (with wheels if possible)

Carry-on restrictions:

  • Allowed 1 carry-on + purse/backpack/bag
  • All liquids must be in 3-ounce bottles or smaller (travel size)
  • Dimensions of bag = 45 linear inches (9 in. x 14 in. x 22 in.)

Due to the cost involved with checked bags we will check ONE bag for the entire group

Therefore, each traveler should:

  • Pack all items which are NOT allowed in a carry-on bag in Ziploc bags
  • Keep Ziploc bags at the top of your carry-on & once we arrive at the Airport, we will transfer all of these items into the one bag being checked!
  • When we get to our hotel we will sort through the bags & get them to the correct rooms

Airport Security:

  • All liquids in carry-on must be 3-ounces or less…or they will be thrown away before proceeding through security!
  • All liquids must be taken OUT of carry-on’s for screening (Easiest to put them all in a Ziploc bag & keep at top of carry-on)
  • No sharp objects which could be used as a weapon are allowed in carry-on’s…this includes nail clippers, scissors, razor blades, etc!
  • Shoes, sweatshirts/jackets will need to be removed, placed in a bin
  • Must present your Boarding Pass…once we have checked in as a group you will be given your own Boarding Pass – do NOT lose this or you will NOT be allowed on the plane! (Be careful NOT to place it in the bin going through screening, it can easily be lost there…HOLD ON TO IT IN YOUR HAND while going through security & do NOT put it down when retrieving your items which have been screened!  You’ll need it again at the gate to actually board the plane!)
  • Students (16 and younger) traveling with adult chaperones do NOT need identification for airport security; However, if you have a school ID or driver’s license & want to bring it that is fine.

We’ll repeat these steps when returning home.  If anyone purchases a snow-globe as a souvenir it will need to be packed in the bag that will be checkedNOT in your carry-on!  (Because of the liquid inside security will throw the snow-globes away as we will already have dropped off our bag to check at that point!)

Be careful when packing… we don’t want to get slowed down at Airport Security!!

Packing List:

  • Comfortable walking shoes (we will walk A LOT!!! Not unusual to walk 10+ miles/day!)
  • Jacket or sweatshirt for museums (VERY cool inside)
  • 1 nice outfit for farewell dinner
  • T-shirts / Shorts
  • Camera
  • Sunglasses / hat … we will be outside for the majority of each day!
  • Empty water bottle to fill each night at hotel rather than buying bottled water each day
  • Umbrella – we will be sticking to our itinerary rain or shine!
  • Backpack/Purse/Bag…for camera, water bottle, personal items during day

Pack light!!!

Remember, you have to haul your luggage through crowded subways & down busy, city streets to our hotel!



Be prepared for your trip by checking the forecast for your destination & plan accordingly…perhaps you need to pack an umbrella, sweatshirt, sunglasses, hat, etc.?


Click here to check weather forecasts around the world